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What clients are saying

"We met at the Athena event last November in Westminster. You gave me a wonderful reading and energy healing. Our conversation centered largely on my struggles to conceive and the need to clear up my chakras and release some heavy judgment towards myself that was holding me back and blocking a 'very near' little spirit from coming to me. I wanted to reach out your way to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU and to honor your talent and energy. I believe your effort is largely responsible for he fact that I conceived that little spirit just one month after I saw you . . . after many months of hoping, trying and dealing with a lot of pain, worry and sadness. Lindsay N., CO

"Dearest Sue - Just reaching out to let you know what I have observed since the healing session. Freedom from the repetitive thoughts, angst, anger and frustration with the situations surrounding both my husband and mother. It has eased my anxiety level tremendously and I am experiencing greater peace and contentment. Thank you Sue for sharing your gifts, wisdom and kindness. I could have spent thousands of dollars and hours in talk therapy with less satisfactory results.

Deb W. Minn., MN

“I have worked with Sue for reading/healing of issues in my life & body of every type & found her to be highly-capable. Better yet, she has the highest integrity I’ve encountered in over two decades of receiving clearings. Some readers have high ability to see/know information but their level of honesty does not equal their intuitive ability. Sue is fun, easy & enjoyable to work with AS WELL as receiving tremendous assistance in shifting & changing.” Diane E. Denver CO.

“My experience working with Suzanne was very positive and astounding. I have worked through layers of abandonment and trust issues for the past 20 years through various means. When I sat down with Suzanne, she was able to amazingly shoot directly at the core and cause of my unease on an emotional and physical level. The years of confusion and conflict I was dealing with were brought to light in such a profound way that I immediately felt relief and release. More importantly, compassion, understanding and forgiveness for myself and others involved. Thank-you Suzanne! You are truly gifted. I look forward to working with you again. Best wishes!” Renee W., Denver, Colorado

“Thank you for my reading. Today at work I was more relaxed with my coworkers and I was able to let loose and laugh a lot. I was able to laugh with them rather than see and judge their problems and behaviors. With the programs and beings you removed, I no longer feel like I need to be looking for what’s “wrong” with them . . . before the reading that would be my focus when I look at them.” Jane L., Denver, CO

“Sue, thank you for the healing on my financial issues. I’ve been dealing with these problems for a long time and I feel like your healing was a huge leap in resolving these issues for good. You mentioned that I was reluctant to be in my body and deal with my financial affairs. This is right on and is something I’ve been doing for a long time. You read many programs that were causing problems in this area of my life and they were spot on. I was so used to carrying those hindering beliefs about money that I’d forgotten they were playing in the background of my mind. Having you remove these programs has made a palpable difference in my experience and perception of money. I loved the healing work that you did with my financial files and the mortgage company – that was so clever! The past lives you read as connected to my financial issues all rang true for me. You did so much work that I can’t remember all of it to comment on, but thank you, I can feel the difference!” Jennifer D. Denver, CO

“My newly adopted dog had a very annoying emotional issue. Having Sue read it for me gave me insight that led to much more compassion and patience as we work through the issue.” Diane D. Denver, CO

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