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What is Healing Meditation?

Life experience happens from the inside out. Energies we carry influence what we see, believe and create. Healing Meditation provides a foundation of energy tools to calm, clear and uplift the body, spirit and mind. Learn easy tools to increase your energy awareness, bring healing into your space and create more clarity, freedom and fulfillment in your life. Classes are taught with instruction, guided meditation and discussion.   This video is about 20 minutes with a few basic concepts and an opportunity to experience them. 

Meditation experience:  More Compassion

Expand your ability to create more self-compassion in your life with this guided meditation originally recorded on Buddhist Biohacker YouTube channel, June 2020.   Note there is a short 30 second ad and an introduction my my colleague, Lisa Gunshore prior to the start of the video.  This is a deeper healing meditation experience and it lasts about 50 minutes.  

More short videos on YouTube 

More short videos on YouTube, most averaging about 10-12 minutes long.   Topics include various energy techniques and concepts that you can put to use in your life right now.  Browse the channel and discover the empowering concepts to be found in these visual techniques using intention and attention!  

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