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Get intuitive insights into the challenges you are struggling with in your life. Release old thought patterns and find new perspectives to move forward. Rediscover your clarity about any issue, goal or relationship. 

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Book a reading or energetic healing session with Suzanne! Click on the button below to be routed to my new scheduling tool.  

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Energetic Spiritual Ministries, Inc, dba Energetic Healing Arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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Help bring spiritual enrichment to those who are struggling financially, yet need the emotional, mental and spiritual support to move through their challenges.  This organization provides empowering concepts, self-healing techniques and practices to help release negative patterns and replace them with more clarity, freedom and a positive sense of self.   For every class I teach, there are people who want to join, and they need financial assistance to do so.  

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​Thank you for your generosity! Your contribution will help provide spiritual enrichment to someone in need.


Many Blessings, 

Energetic Spiritual Ministries 

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