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Clairvoyant Reading and Energetic Healing Sue will look at the energy in your field in response to a question, issue or specific area of your life that isn’t working for you right now. She will provide information and healing as needed to support your personal growth and next step in creating an experience of life you enjoy. Bring your questions, intentions and areas of concern to the reading which may be performed in person, over Zoom or on the phone.

Medical Intuition Reading and Energetic Healing In this type of reading, Sue will look at the energy behind your health issue or concern and provide healing and insight to help you move through it. Clarity about the emotional, mental or spiritual issues related to physical pain or illness can help support new perspectives and life changes toward healing. Releasing the energy associated with health issues can support the body's ability to heal itself. Note: this work does not involve medical diagnosis, medical, dietary or pharmaceutical advice of any kind. The intention of a medical intuition reading is to energetically support your holistic healing in concert with recommendations provided by your physician.

Connect with your own Spirit Guides The client’s spirit guides are frequently present during reading or healing sessions. Sue will call forward your spirit guides, uncover the purpose and manner they support you in this lifetime and help you establish a rapport and communication space with them.

Karma Clearing Sue will clear karma energy in your relationships to allow more freedom of expression and to experience each other without the baggage of the past. This healing can be used to focus on current life energies as well as past life energies and can be extended to include a reading on the energy between you and significant people in your life as well as the energy in your space that may be causing friction or discomfort.

Relationship Reading Sue will read your energy with a partner, child or someone in your life to help understand the emotions, behaviors, growth steps, areas of compatibility and spiritual agreements. This type of reading is accomplished when both people are present for the reading. If only one person is present Sue will look at the relationship space from the energy and perspective of the client who is present.   

Pet Healings Pet’s need healing too! Your cat, dog, horse, turtle or other pet can be read for information about their health, personal preferences or even information about annoying habits to help make integration in your home or with other animals. Pets tend to heal their owners by absorbing their pain. An energy healing will refresh their space and clear away foreign energy that is not theirs. Pet healing may be done over the phone and are easily done from a picture.

Home or Office Clearing There may be residual energy in your home from a previous owner, illness or relationship in conflict. Neighborhood energy, extended family members, deceased loved ones, distraction energy from work or other people of your life may be having an effect on how you feel when you are in your home. Sue will read and clear the unwanted energy and then set the house and each room with the vibrations that support and validate you and your family. This process is especially important when trying to sell your home or moving into a new one.

Clairvoyant Reading & Healing sessions include a recording provided via e-mail

1 hour - $130

½ hour - $ 65

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