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Some information about Suzanne

Sue is an empathic healer and spiritual teacher who brings intuitive insight to help you ignite your spiritual path and personal growth.  She studied clairvoyant energy techniques at three clairvoyant schools in the Denver area and three several years teaching at the Inner Connection Institute, which is a meditation and clairvoyant development program connected with the church.  

After years of teaching clairvoyance and working individually with clients, Sue recognized a need in the spiritual community for people to discover easy techniques to create their own healing and spiritual transformation.  She created a self-healing and personal growth program, called Healing Meditation.  Healing Meditation.  People from all walks of life learn empowering concepts and techniques to create their life experience from their own spiritual truth rather than outside forces.  Healing Meditation was taught at the Althea Center for the Spiritually Engaged for two years, during 2020 and 2021.   

Now that Sue's new new non-profit organization, Energetic Spiritual Ministries, Inc. has been launched,  her spiritual healing and teaching programs are moving to the new non-profit organization!   

You will find life enriching personal development classes taught over Zoom, self-paced video studies, her uplifting monthly blog messages and many heart centered resources to support your inner growth all on one site!      

Sue continues to provide insightful and powerful private client sessions.  She may be reached on 720-351-3492 or

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