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Some information about Suzanne

Suzanne is an intuitive, energetic healer and spiritual teacher living in Denver. Colorado.  She empowers her clients to find more purpose, freedom and contentment in life with spiritual insights and energetic healing.  Suzanne offers spiritual development classes and workshops to support personal growth, increased self-awareness, and life-enriching tools to create each day with more clarity and self-trust.      

Suzanne studied meditation, clairvoyant and advanced energy techniques at three clairvoyant schools in the Denver area.  She was ordained a minster in 2009 and taught spiritual development for intuitive schools in the area.  

After years of working individually with clients, Sue recognized a need in the spiritual community for people to discover easy techniques to generate their own healing and spiritual transformation.  She opened a non-profit organization to promote self-healing, personal growth and spiritual development through focused classes, clinics and workshops.  People from any background may learn empowering concepts and techniques to create life experience from their own spiritual truth rather than outside forces. 

Sue offers powerful private sessions with clients.  She may be reached on 720-351-3492 or

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