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Self-Paced Course Modules

NEW Self-Paced Course!

Healing Meditation 1 – Energy Awareness

Discover a more peaceful you. Learn empowering concepts.

Open up your self-awareness, live from your own truth and create space for the growth and change you desire. Learn to use the universal concepts of intention and attention to empower your life. Class is taught through instruction, guided meditation and individual reflection.  Great for empaths, healers or anyone looking to expand their capacity to manage energy!

  • How to ground and clear the energy body
  • Open and expand your intuition
  • Learn about energetic boundaries and chakra centers
  • Release what doesn’t support and create more of what does
  • Manifest your goals and dreams
  • Connect with your own spiritual guidance
  • Learn to receive and give energetic healing
  • Includes spiritual concepts to increase your ability to receive

The Self-Paced Healing Meditation course has the same content as the live class, but you take it according to your own schedule.    

This course is taught using 7 pre-recorded class videos on an unlisted link on YouTube (available for paid students only).  You will also receive a complete workbook for the series with a recap of the weekly material, notes for tools and techniques, pdf files with images and diagrams used in class and extended studies and in-depth inquiry to further your personal growth journey.  There will be one or more live Zoom meetings with the instructor.  Individual support throughout the program for questions or any concern will be provided by e-mail request.        

Total cost $150 

(note there is a package discount when purchased with a live class over Zoom

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