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Embracing the Empath within You 

Discover your natural intuitive gifts   

Honor your truest self

What does it mean to be highly sensitive or empathic? Do you have a natural understanding of how other people are feeling? You may be imaginative, creative and very observant about your surroundings. Perhaps you enjoy spending time with people, but find yourself drained after being in a crowd.

If this sounds like you, watch this fun workshop to learn about your gifts, challenges and easy tools to feel grounded, centered and always at your best. Workshop includes instruction, a colorful slide deck and easy guided meditations.  

This powerful workshop will focus on:

•Understanding what it means to be highly sensitive or empathic 

• The gifts and challenges of this energy dynamic

• Ways to manage your energy to feel more grounded, centered and true to your self.

Class is taught using one pre-recorded video on an unlisted link on YouTube (available for paid students only).  You will also receive copy of the slide deck with the images and recap of the material used in the discussion.  Any questions or concerns will be supported over e-mail by request.

Cost is $30

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