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What is energetic or spiritual healing?

There is an energy field or aura that surrounds the body which protects and supports our physical, mental and emotional well being. The human aura field is generated from energy within the chakras and contains information about the individual’s belief systems, history and experience of life. The field expands, contracts and changes in response to external stimulus like people, places, experiences, or thoughts, memories or emotions.  The aura field has the ability to change with our personal and spiritual growth.

Undesirable thought patterns in the form of energy may have accumulated over the course of a lifetime and may be standing in front of our own clarity and truth about life situations.  This dynamic may be the cause of confusion, poor self-esteem, doubt or indecision. On an energetic level, our spirit may be wrestling between what we want for ourselves and what others want for us. Negative emotions and the repeated internal experience of them can generate "old tapes" or unconscious belief systems that affect our perception and ultimately the decisions that drive our life choices. Sometimes this unconscious energy is so ingrained in our persona that we have no awareness of it, yet it is altering our daily experience of life.

An energetic healing occurs when unwanted thought patterns and associated energy are cleared or released.  This may occur simply with intention or using energy techniques that were developed for this purpose. Results of energetic healing may manifest in a variety of ways:  more clarity associated with a decision, a change in perception or awareness, relief from an unwanted mental or emotional constraint, or a more positive outlook on a challenging situation.   

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